Calling All Yuna & Hana Tajima-Simpson Lovers

Dear residents of Malaysia, 
If you love Yuna and Hana Tajima-Simpson, you absolutely cannot miss this once in a lifetime event.
Save the date!
Now the million dollar question is...
What do I wear?

photos courtesy of StyleCovered


lucky! :)
Haute Muslimah said…
That's awesome...I wishhhh I could be there..
RS said…

Sounds like M'sia. Hehe.

I'm so curious now. Gonna google this!
ajjah said…
see you there Sha...!!! :)
Fairuz Izman said…
Ahhh they're both gorgeous!!

Haha it's so funny, on the weekend a friend of mine thought I looked like Hana, so I said to her "Are you serious?!? mashaAllah she way more beautiful than I am!" haha made me feel good for a moment though :)

Take plenty of pics please.
ashieBee said…
ahhhhhh i wanna go BUT on monedayyyyyyyyyyy? :(( im working on that day. pffftttttttt
Aisha said…
this sounds soooo good! take lotsa pics and have fun!!!
Yunne Osman said…
wow! you're right, what to wear to such event? well that's the least of my concern. my problem is, who'd babysit my son? hrmmm.
This sounds awesome!
Lucky you!
Have a great time and yess, take losta picturess! :D
Unknown said…
WOW!! please take many pics ok? hehe
i thought this would be in london, UK!! not malaysia.

otherwise id have already booked my ticket! =D a show not to miss