59 days left in Malaysia. I have to start planning my holiday seriously. The last two words should never be side by side. Let me rephrase that. I need to have a better idea of how the rest of my summer break will be spent.

7 papers until I graduate from university with a degree majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Political Studies and Marketing, inshaAllah. It's been quite a journey.

10 years ago was the last time I visited Mecca. I felt very at home for some reason. The owner of the hotel we stayed in was married to an Indonesian lady. They invited us to dinner at their home one day and served us lamb mandy. It was amazing. I also remember sneaking off to the shops with my late dad because he wanted to buy me a handbag my mum said I couldn't have. He spoiled me to bits and I miss his unconditional love.

48 pieces of Usbu Al Zainab (Zainab's fingers) were made for our guests during Eid ul-Adha. An Omani friend taught me how to make them last semester. They're incredibly easy to make and very delicious! They were really popular with our guests... definitely a crowd-pleaser. I'll post the recipe sometime this week. (Done! Click here for the recipe)

389 photos of my summer break have been captured so far. I take pictures of almost everything. I'm like a tourist in my own country... it's fun! Every year I come back home and I see things with a fresh pair of eyes. There's so much that I find fascinating but there are some changes and/or stagnancies that devastate me as well.

5 pairs is the amount of wearable, decent shoes I have in Malaysia at the moment. You know what, 2 of them don't even count because they're sandals! I need want new shoes so badly...