Today is a public holiday in Malaysia in commemoration of the New Hijri Year 1431. But I'm not going anywhere because I need to pack. This coming Tuesday I'll be going somewhere far, far away. I won't confirm where until Monday night but I'll leave you with a clue.

It's the land of miracles.

Can you guess? ;) If you get it right I just might get you a souvenir and send it your way! You can either comment here or drop me a line at

p.s. If you're a friend who already knows, can you keep a secret? ;)

[Photo by bachmont via Flickr]


Maryam said…
That sounds nice!

Hmm I'm thinking it's either Cuba, Korea, or Egypt.

This is hard!

But I'll guess... KOREA.
-Amina said…
I thought Egypt at first, but now i know! hehe
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Maryam: =) Why Korea? You mean as in political miracles? It's not Korea though, sorry =(

Amina: Yeah most people guessed Egypt!