Sometimes I wish I was blind,
So I could only see the inner beauty of others.
Sometimes I wish I couldn't speak,
Because ever so often I speak without thinking it through.
Sometimes I wish I couldn't hear,
As gossip and profanity have desensitised my very being.
Sometimes I wish I couldn't walk,
For maybe only then I'd use my freedom more wisely.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't loved,
For love can make me selfish and ungrateful,
Sometimes I wish I didn't have knowledge,
Because I don't want to be arrogant and self-righteous.

But God has given me everything and more as He believes in me. Somehow He trusts that I will appreciate His blessings and use them wisely. For that reason I am humbled because nothing I have is truly mine... everything I have accomplished was made possible because He made it be.. Kun fayakun.
 Qur'an 36:82 Verily, when He intends a thing, His command is “Be” and it is!
All that I have today is an amanah (responsibility) and I am always so quick to forget that.


Hijabee said…
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing
Asielah said…
dear sha.. this is absolutely beautiful.... nak pinjam n print jd poster n tampal kat wall so that i'll always remember Him!!! how we stray away sometimes, until we forget to be grateful for what we have and the purpose we're here on earth..