The Heart Knows

{source: unknown}

The heart knows.

It knows it's alive
when it's not ashamed to be shy.
It knows it has been deprived
when tears drop like water from the sky. 

The heart knows.

Who to trust.
Not lust,
not people made of dust
but the Most Just.

The heart knows. 

This life is merely a playful distraction
except for people with devotion.
That Love is not just an emotion
but part of His purposeful creation. 

The heart knows.  

~ Shahirah Elaiza 
inspired by Rumi's 'On Language'

This is to tell you I've been thinking of you. Yes, you. I've missed writing to you. For you. With you. My absence from the blogging world is not a sign of indifference. I hope you liked what I wrote about the heart.  I was inspired by Rumi's words: "The heart knows a hundred thousand ways to speak".  It really does. By the way, can you identify the references to hadiths and Quranic verses I've made in my poem?

Before I go, remember to use your heart in all things, even when you speak. Especially when you speak. 


anaayop said…
it's beautiful, you're beautiful..whatever you're going through right now, i hope it'll make you a better person..i love reading your blog, i grew up reading your post(not as in age, but as in soul)..keep writing, i'll always be your number one reader..
Anonymous said…
Loving this sis!
Laila said…
Very beautiful poem SubhanaAllah :) I love it!
Fida Islaih said…
It reminds me of the song, Allah Knows. I love this poem and thanks for sharing! (-:
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@anaayop, Wow that's incredibly kind of you to say :) MashaAllah. Alhamdulillah writing has helped me grow too. Not going through anything in particular at the moment. The storm has passed. I'm finally able to find the words to describe how I feel though :)

Alhamdulillah, thank you Anon, Laila and Fida <3