Are Smartphones Killing our Memories and Experiences?

Is smartphone photography killing our memories and experiences?


The art of documenting something normally signifies the importance or rareness of an occasion but today even breakfast apparently deserves to be captured and commemorated. I am 100% guilty of taking completely useless photos. I am aware of it and I want to do something about it, as I described in this post. I believe it's important to learn how to distinguish between a memorable moment and a moment that doesn't necessarily need to be eternalised in a photograph or video. We are distracted by the idea of a memorable moment that we forget that these moments are memorable because they're meant to teach us that we cannot  turn back time and reclaim the present. Its meaning lies in us immersing in a moment in time we call the present. 

Oh, the irony.


Fida Islaih said…
I didn't watch the clip but thank you so much for writing this and reminding us!
Nabat said…
I totally agree... I'm glad you're reflecting on this, it's making me rethink my on digital habits. :)

R S said…
I was JUST talking about this to a friend of mine. I'm guilty of being such a shutterbug but not as bad as I was many months ago. I think it DOES help when you get rid of FB. Then you kinda think to yourself - what's even the point of taking this picture?

But yes, I'm learning to live in the moment more as opposed to just clicking my iPhone away. Baby steps!
Laila said…
The video it's really interesting, thanks for sharing it with us. And yes, I agree, and I blame myself because I'm one of those persons who tend to capture moments with the smartphones. I and should make something about it.