How to Have More Positive People in Your Life

I really needed to hear this. 

I wrote 'I Hate Muslims' because I don't have a problem with being as real as I can be. Your wounds may not be the same as mine but we all bleed, and we all bleed the same colour blood.

Anyone can tell you to be patient but not many people can actually teach you how to be patient. That's why I think Oprah has given sage advice in this video.  

"Don't look at them [negative people], look at the energy you are creating to attract them... If you are surrounded by negative people there's a part of you that's willing to tolerate that."

"Who do you want to BE in the world? What are the kind of words you want to be said about the kind of person you have been in the world?" 

This is not about living to portray a certain image about yourself. Sincerity is hard to fake. You can try very hard to uphold an image or facade to impress people but eventually some of your actions and words will give it away. The idea is to know that your actions and words will impact people, so why not impact others in a positive way?

So why be a good person if people are going to hurt and disappoint us in one way or another? Don't do it for the people. Do it for God because He has declared:

And be patient, for indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good.
{Surah al-Hud, 115}

If you're not Muslim or religious, do it to BE a good person because that's what you believe in and you're going to stick to your principle because you are determined to not add anymore negative energy in  this world.

Being patient is to be steadfast. It means to continue doing good despite the trials we may face and truly, God is with the steadfast {2:153}. Who can break you when you have Him on your side?


NAS said…
Well said. Dekat di hati
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this! So beautiful and inspiring, I always come away from your posts feeling hopeful and motivated. Lots of love and blessings sent your way.

Erni said…
Beautifully written. A spot on, indeed. love this :)

From a true believer of positivity,
Erni xxx
Unknown said…
Love, Love, Love!!!