UNRIBA: Emancipate Yourself

"Islam is a way of life."

Muslims say that all the time because our faith in Allah subhanahu wa taala impacts every aspect of our lives. That may sound overbearing to some people but in fact, we are in need of guidance in every aspect of our lives and in my study of Islam thus far there is one common theme: purity. 

Islam calls for the purity of the heart, mind, body and soul. This is achieved by being mindful of the things we consume and the activities we do. For instance, to have a sound heart we must stay away from obscenity and vulgarity. To be physically healthy we must eat in moderation and avoid food that is not clean. Similarly, to have a pure and wholesome life we have to stay away from corruption and injustice. 

Riba or interest is seen as a form of injustice in Islam but unfortunately it's almost inevitable these days. Riba has infiltrated into everything in this dunya

As part of their CEMAS (Campaign for the Emancipation of Money and Society) campaign, Crescent Collective has produced a short documentary on how youths in Malaysia feel about living in a riba-based economy with capitalism as the main driving force. I think it's a great effort to raise awareness about something we tend to sweep underneath the rug.

The goal of Islam is to liberate the human race from the proverbial ball and chains of this world. Everyone is a slave but at least we can choose God to be our one and only Master.


Wan Melissa said…
I want to be part of CEMAS. Let us collectively find a way out of this riba based system!
farhana said…
Salam, wonderful way to getting us youths started on being conscious about the concept of halal income, mu'amalat and simply, just being CONSCIOUS in general about living every aspect of our lives with connection to our deem. Too often we undermine the aspect of mu'amalah and pursue of wealth as part of the ibadah that we strive for. However, I want to raise an important issue, one which I myself am struggling to find a philosophy or principal to hold on to. Is capitalism necessarily demonized in the eyes of Islam? Creation of wealth via business, commerce and true capitalism which allocates resources efficiently, leaves the issue of valuing assets, wealth and commodities to a market mechanism, and rewarding every agent within the value chain, with some "value" in the form of profits, surely cannot be deemed unislamic. With a robust zakat, sadaqah, awqaf redistribution system and non-riba based supply of financing, while companies are allowed to strive for profits, insyaAllah a healthy capitalist economy can work. This is a bit long, I realize, but my point is should we necessarily demonize capitalism as a system just because it may allow for riba, gharar and maisir elements? Wallahu'alam and tq sis!