Nona's Henna Night & Nikah

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I love having a blog. It's like keeping a journal except I can share it with the world so people can relate to me as a person, first and foremost, and then as a Muslim. Two of my childhood friends got married this year.  Vivy tied the knot in June and a few days ago it was Nona's turn, alhamdulillah. The galore began with Nona's Moroccan-themed henna night (malam berinai) which was held on Wednesday, solemnisation (nikah) on Thursday and the receptions on Friday and Sunday (Mateen's side).

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Nona was too busy Skyping with Mateen during her henna night, tsk tsk. Those two are inseparable! So us girls entertained ourselves for a little while ;)

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Nona looked absolutely radiant. I've never seen her glowing like this, mashaAllah.

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After Nona got her henna done we got ours done too! ;) The lady who did our henna is very talented mashaAllah. Oh and you can catch Nona's wedding journey on Astro Ria's Raikan Cinta and TV 3's Mahligai Cinta soon. By the way, my hijab is by Soulendang, in case you were wondering.

And then on the night of 20/12/2012 the solemnisation (nikah) was performed. 

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Gorgeous set up and people!

In anticipation: The hantaran (gift) bearers and a very confident-looking groom.

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The very pretty dais (pelamin)

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After the nikah was completed they were officially announced as husband and wife, alhamdulillah!

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The newlyweds with the bride's parents. She's their only daughter so you can imagine how much this night meant to all of them.

Happy friends: We're all very happy for Nona and Mateen and we pray for Allah (subhanahu wa taala) to  bless their marriage with an abundance of love and mercy. I've known Nona for so long and I can't believe the girl I used to have sleepovers and meaningless girl arguments with is now married =') 

Phewh! That's a lot of photos but trust me, there's a lot more where they came from. Stay tuned for Nona and Mateen's beautiful wedding receptions.


Masha Allah! She looks like a princess and EVERYONE looks glowing (yup definitely you too). I love the blue the 'girls bearing gifts' are wearing, soo co-ordinated masha Alah. Malaysian weddings are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Muslimah Delights, that's what we all kept saying - that she looks like a princess, mashaAllah ;) Alhamdulillah the ceremonies went well!
MashaAllah you and your friends are just lovely. Im not sure if I mentioned this before but your photographs are always stunning and if you havent thought about it before Id suggest pursing a career in photography!

Anonymous said…
When is your turn Sha? :)
NadyaBubble said…
Subhanallah ! She looks so pretty !
Laila said…
MashaAllah, beautiful photos, I loove hennah, and the design they made on her hands is really beautiful!

And I love the place where the nikah was held, well in fact I looove the daisies!

May Allah give them a life full of hapiness!
syarina azreen said…