Style Sunday: Nona's Bridal Shower

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December is truly wedding season in Malaysia and another one of my friends is getting married this month. Although throwing a bridal shower is not a traditional Malay custom many Malay bride-to-be's choose to have one to add more joy to the anticipation of getting married. Ireena, whom we call Nona, invited me to her beautiful bridal shower at the Grand Hyatt hotel and I was thrilled to attend a girl's only get-together after a long week at work.

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As you can see the theme was white and yellow and the colours did a good job of brightening up the private room at the hotel's restaurant, JP Teres. I ordered the cheese naan which was accompanied by a creamy North Indian curry. High recommended!

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Nona looked very elegant in her demure Audrey Hepburn-esque peplum dress

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The butterfly brooch adds a sweet finishing touch to the dress, don't you think so?

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Creating happy memories before Nona becomes a wife!

This über cute cake has a little story behind it.
Nona's fiancé, Mateen, goes by the nickname 'Mouse' so here "he" is kissing her on the cheek.

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Made some lovely new friends - Aini and Nariza - who are both bridesmaids.

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Loved Nona's expression when she opened the gift my sister and I got her -  a bright pink casserole pot and matching forks and spoons that came with a note saying: Now you have no excuse not to cook for Mateen!

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My outfit for the occasion.
That's my new favourite skirt, by the way. It's very 'Sha'!

Her Moroccan-themed henna night will be held this coming Wednesday and the solemnisation ceremony will be will on 21st December, inshaAllah. So much to look forward to! 


Chloe said…
Love that skirt! It is very you :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Chloe, thank you! Yes it is hehe.
You two are so gorgeous :)
FaUzIa KaSiM said…
euuuuuw! i love the story behind the cake :D and the bridal dress lovely and oh! you look stunning :)
She looked amazing.
And the cake is so cute!
May they live long and happy together.

xO Arezu
Laila said…
the skirt is just amazing, really I loooove it! :D well all your outfit, I like the idea of doing a bridal shower only for girls, and I think only for the closer ones, right?. The colours are so beauiful and bright, and I loooove the cake, it's just sooo cute! and the mouse deatil too! :D

I love the way the bride was dressed, the simplicity of the dress is just amazing, and that butterfly is absolutely geaogeous! :D

Ainee said…
oh my!!!! finally found your blog!! i LOVE all the photos! they look amazing!! heheeh see you during the henna night okay? :)
Anonymous said…
salam alaykoum shahirah
mansha allah !so smart
yes it's you i agree
Aisha said…
Aww the cake is so cute. Love your skirt and so very jealous of how fun Malaysian weddings [and special occasions in general] seem to be!