Vivy & Fadza's Solemnisation Ceremony

The king and queen of FashionValet are finally hitched.
T'was a happy, happy night. 

Officially a Mrs. Alhamdulillah

To the banquet hall we go.

Spreading the joy! 

Hantaran (exchange of gifts) from the bride and groom and more happy, shiny people. 

After the akad nikah I approached Vivy's dad and congratulated him. I asked him, "So how do you feel?". "I feel very young!" he joked. Then he held my hand and asked me, "How are you Sha? Have you found 'the one'?" I smiled. He said, "Don't rush into marriage. Take your time. A beautiful girl like you... you have to be very careful." I nodded in agreement. (He calls all of Vivy's friends beautiful, by the way). "Remember, marriage is not a race. It's a journey. And being in love and being married are two different things."

I can't forget those words! So deep... but what do you guys think he meant when he said that?

I'm off to Kelantan tomorrow for the weekend for another wedding but inshaa Allah (God willing) when I'm back I'll post pictures from Vivy and Fadza's beautiful wedding receptions. By the way, our darling Aishah Amin is getting married today! I'm sure she's going to be one super gorgeous bride as well and I can't wait to see her at the wedding reception tonight, inshaa Allah. May Allah swt bless their marriages with lots and lots of barakah, love and mercy. 


Anonymous said…
Salam Sis, agree with vivy's dad, u're beautiful :)
Barakallah to both of them! Can't wait for Aishah Amin's reception pics!
Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing. lovely pics. btw you look great! can't overshadow the bride :)
Renee Meow said…
Wow so gorgeous...!! :D
"Remember, marriage is not a race. It's a journey. And being in love and being married are two different things."

Just got married myself, I totally second this =)

Here comes the responsibilities, the expectations, the need for assurances. But being married, we are halfway towards the Jannah. and that's what makes it so wonderful. You'll find your guy Sis, who is equally amazing like you =)
Anonymous said…
Asalamu Alaykum

MashAllah dear sister your blog is so beautiful.

Keep up the good work : )

Your sister in Islam

Asalamu Alaykum
Anonymous said…
Hi Shahira!! u look so beautifull and Vivy is goergous, but I have a question why she was wearing hijab on her wedding?, is it required?
Barn Weddings said…
They are all gorgeous..Thanks for the share..Congratulations!!
Anonymous said…
salam,very beautiful ceremony. Mansha allah. May Allah give them all the happiness much joy and prosperity.
I wish long life to married. Reasonable analysis of marriage
As for you, you look beautiful as always, your style is original. Mansha allah .bravo miss shahirah et merci pour ce post
le bonjour de france
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thanks for the lovely comments everyone =)) Anon, the hijab is a requirement for the nikah (solemnisation) in most cases, especially if it is done in a mosque.
K'owNeysa said…
well said dear..people been asking the same question either i have found the one..and telling me to stop being choosy..but there is no need to rush if u haven't found the one..=)
Anonymous said…
So beautiful mashallah ... :)
I totally agree with Viviy's Dad