FV: The Wedding Receptions

After 6 years of friendship and courtship, my friends Fadza and Vivy finally tied the knot.
Together they founded FashionValet.net and together they now stand as husband and wife.

Their nikah (solemnisation) ceremony was held on 29th June 2012 and their respective receptions took place on 30th June and 1st July 2012. Friends came from around the world to celebrate this beautiful couple, mashaa Allah! So more pictures less words, yes?

Vivy's wedding reception: A modern Malay theme with lots of glitz and glamour and a touch of pastel hues.  

Serenaded: Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor, was one of the stars who entertained Vivy's guests.

Smile!: The lovely couple posing with friends and bridesmaids after the reception ended. 

So good together: By the way, a little bird told me Vivy's amazing, one-of-a-kind dress is by Indonesian designer, Anne Avantie.

Fun with Zung: This photographer from ThePhotoz is so energetic and fun to work with. "Look to the back, to the front, now look here!"

Fadza's wedding reception: Traditional Malay theme ("Kesultanan Melayu Melaka"). A more personal event because each and every one of Fadza's family members gave a speech. Even the bride and groom gave one. Fadza expressed his gratitude to his parents for giving him the best of everything and that he can only dream of doing the same for his children someday.

A close up of their traditional Malay outfits. 
I think Vivy mentioned somewhere on Twitter the lush, timeless outfits are by Salleh of Butik Citra. 

So these two are officially off the market and I'm so happy they found each other. It's one thing to attend weddings of relatives, it's another to attend your friends'. Slowly, one by one the rest of gang will be joining their club.  You know what this means? 



Magz and Mez said…
I LOVE your wedding posts - its so interesting how every culture celebrates differently.

Love your dress and jacket on top too - beautiful colours!
Nadrah said…
Awesome post! Btw, where do you normally buy your dresses for events ek? I really like your dresses.. :)
Anonymous said…
beautiful wedding!

saw this picture on fb.i believe it's yours...
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Magz and Mez, thank you darling! You're right, it is interesting how different cultures celebrate differently.

@Nadrah, this particular dress is from Glassons New Zealand. The sequinned cardigan is from Forever 21. Most of my dresses are from NZ =)

@Anon, thank you for telling me about the picture. This person has stolen my pictures and posts before and posted them as her own. I've written several times to her and she even said she learned her lesson and won't do it again but clearly she didn't mean it. The worse part is that she's done it to my friends as well. Sigh. Lying and stealing is haraam in Islam. Whyyy people whyyyy.
WOW Malays REALLY know how to throw a wedding! Love the colours, theme, clothing, ALL of it!!
washi said…
Thanks for sharing! Everyone looked awesome and I especially loved your outfit...stunning styling :)
Alia said…
beautiful pictures with pretty outfits, the dress of the singer is amazing.
khaoula said…
Woooooow I love it!! everything looks so glamourous, and you look so beautifull can´t wait to see u as a bride :P the thing is I love Malay weddings but I don´t understand all the steps so I was wondering if u could make a post about it, explaining what means every day... I´d love to :)
I´m from Morroco and here we have two or three days of wedding (it depends on the money u have) and usually there´s a day for women and another for men, so women can take off the hijab and wear any dress they want to. Anyway lately things change so quicly so we have all kind of weddings :)
You have to make a visit to Morroco ;)
ᖇᗩE said…
Your dresses are so gorge! I dig the bride's dress in nikah ceremony, so elegant! <3
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Sorayya Design, yes we looove to celebrate!

@washi, thank you and you're welcome =))

@Alia, agreed, I love her dress too.

@khaoula, I would LOVE to visit Morocco someday inshaa Allah. It is definitely in my top 10 list of countries I want to visit. Maybe you can be my tour guide then? hehe! Thank you for the blog post suggestion, inshaa Allah I'll come up with something!

@Bitten, don't us girls just love weddings? ;)