The Prophet & The Passersby

An interesting hadith to reflect on especially in the materialist culture and society we live in. The rich are idolised and celebrated simply for the wealth they have amassed and the worldly status they hold but the poor are ignored, looked down upon and ridiculed because they are not "privileged" enough to think, live and behave like the rich.  We so often make the mistake of treating the rich with more respect than than we do the poor and we try so hard to emulate the celebrity lifestyle. I don't think this hadith is saying the rich are bad people in general but I think it highlights how the less fortunate or the poor have a special status in God's eyes especially if they endure His tests with patience and redha. In other words, never underestimate people and Allah's love for the less fortunate. 

There's so much more to unravel, in my opinion. What's your personal take on this hadith?


Anonymous said…
Masha-Allah, sister Shahirah, thank you for sharing a beautiful Hadith/saying of the beloved Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam!

Did you know, it's been said that the poor among the Muslims will be the first ones to enter Jannah/Heaven. meaning, the poor or "less fortunate in terms of wealth" Muslims will be AHEAD OF the richer Muslims. That's an advantage of not being a billionaire I guess.

so those of us who are in the middle class, lower middle class or lower class category, rejoice and do more good deeds so that on Judgment Day we will insha-Allah enter Heaven before the rich Muslims who will be stopped before crossing the bridge/siraat, I think, and questioned about how they spent their wealth... where their money went etc.

May Allah forgive me and all of us Muslims and grant us guidance to what Allah loves. Ameen.
Allah knows best.

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Ramadan Mubarak, Shahirah from the Philippines :)
Aef said…
That's the reality of life everywhere, very common, people just respect to the have and ignore to the poor. Only people that scary, afraid to Allah and their life just to Allah will respect not only to the have but also to the poor
Salam Sha, do you mind to tell what book is this? :)

Anyway i totally agree with that. This (treating the rich better than the poor) is also mentioned in Shaykh Dr. Tawfique Chowdhury lecture..
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Mariam, yes I have read that hadith as well. Subhana Allah. Allah is truly Just! Ameen to your duas, sister. Ramadhan Kareem to you =)

@Aef, you're right. It's very common today. But I think this hadith reflects how insightful the Prophet (pbuh) was and how we, as people, have not really changed. That's why the message of Islam is for all of humanity and it is to last until the end of time.

@Shaza, Wasalaam =) The book is called "Muntakab Ahadith: A selection of ahadith relating to the six qualities of da'wah and tabligh". Compiled by Maulvi Muhammad and Yousuf Kandhlavi (ra). Published by idara.

You are right, it was mentioned by Sh. Tawfique in his lecture entitled "What if This is My Last Ramadhan?".
Nai @ TPJ said…
There are only 2 groups in the end of the road : One belongs to Jannah, the other to Jahannam. But here, even to fall sick @ die has gotta be in styles and carefully categorized. Hurm...
Misha iCan said…
Jazakallah khair for sharing the hadith sister.I've read it before but needed the reminder.

It is sad but true this how we all still behave. But I guess, if we are not rich it should give us strength and motivation to concentrate on the akhira and our eternal abode instead of only striving for worldly gains and status which no matter how much we gain are still temporary.

Ramadan Kareem to all!

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Life is what you make of it,the positive things that can be accomplished through sincere work and duty.Don't take life for granted but embrace it and take it one step at a time and enjoy every moment of it even when things seem haywire or at a distance,just continue doing what is right because in the end it has its great rewards.