Mystery Monday #1: Afghanistan

For those who have been waiting to find out the answer to Mystery Monday #1, wait no more! Apart from Afghanistan, many of you said it was Pakistan or Iran which were very close. I'm proud of my readers for knowing so much about saffron too. Without going into detail about Afghan politics, here are some facts about Afghanistan and its people and culture.

Do you like my new blog feature 'Mystery Monday' so far?

{source: everything afghanistan}

For a great collection of pictures of this country check out Afghanistan in Photos


Feda said…
love this! I'm so intrigued by other cultures, especially those that have so many stereotypes attached to them. I'm excited for this blog series!
The Black Jubah said…

Jazakallah for this post. I don't know much about Afghanistan, but I have met some beautiful children admitted to my ward while I was working in Saudi Arabia.

It would be a beautiful country to visit yes?
Mariam said…
This is refreshing! I like it!