Free Palestine : Global March to Jerusalem

Jumaah Mubarak everyone!
Anyone attending this tonight? 
A little birdy told me Aishah Amin and Maria Elena will be there inshaAllah. 


HijabRevival.. said…
hi shahira! i didn't know how else to contact you but i was wondering if you could alert your followers about a fundraiser a group i am with is holding for Syria. i have a donation widget on my blog, i can give the code to u if u want to paste it on ur blog otherwise can you just mention it? there is an amara fb page you can also refer your followers to. 100% of donations will go to syria inshallah!
M said…
just finished watching the news and another death in Palestine. It's just so saddening.
Laila said…
What a beautiful thing! hope you had a great time!