An Intimate Conversation: Suhaib Webb

A discussion that blew me away. What a combination mashaAllah. Imam Suhaib Webb and Ustadh Usama Canon tackles several contemporary Islamic issues such as how Islam can be practiced in today's context. \

"Making things hard and difficult is the job of the foolish. Making things easy and palatable is the job of the scholars."

And that's exactly what Ta'leef Collective is doing. Many Muslims (born Muslims and converts) are struggling with their faith today. Just like you and I. Alhamdulillah, Ta'leef Collective was initiated to help people from all walks of life to find Islam and peace within themselves. Please do what you can to help. No good deed is a small deed and no sadaqah (charity) is looked upon lightly by Allah (swt). You can be a part of something great even with $1 or by spreading the word. To help someone increase their knowledge of Islam is a deed most noble in the sight of Allah (swt).

Find out more about Ta'leef Collective and their 90 in 90 campaign HERE

"For those who give in charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a liberal reward." {Surah Al-Hadeed, 57:18}


Daughter said…

This moved me tremendously. Jazakillahkhayr for sharing this. You never fail to find inspiring topics to write about. Our deen is beautiful because of these muslims who love to share their ilm and encourage people to speak up and act on. May Allah bless them. Ameen.
Noor Of My Life said…
That was such a amazing talk, this is the first time ive heard imam suhaib speak he is a true inspiration and such a motivational speaker. He really connects with people of younger generation and understands the daily struggles that a lot of older imams who come from traditinal up bringing with cultural restraints cant relate to.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Daughter, I just HAD to share it =) I think for Islam to be universal it has to be easily adapted by people of various cultures. Thus, we have to try and make Islam as easy as we can for others while sticking to the core principles of Islam.

@Noor, you have to check out his other talks. He's the epitome of a cool Imam =) mashaAllah. He really does get it and you can just tell he's sincere about helping the Ummah, esp. the youth.
PIM said…
Jazakallah khair for sharing this sister. Feels so good to have someone like Imam Suhaib Webb in the community to talk about things that really affect us. I could relate with this talk completely and feel so empowered and spirited after it ended:-)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Pri, alhamdulillah! So glad you felt that way. Yes we are blessed to have scholars like Imam Suhaib mashaAllah!