Marina Bay, Singapore

A view of the Marina Bay Sands resort. 
Do you know what's that funny looking thing on top of those three buildings?

The Marina Bay Sands resort infinity pool! How crazy cool is that?! 

Not for those with acrophobia, obviously.

Apparently it costs at least $800 dollars per night to stay at this hotel. That's in Singaporean dollars. 
*walk away Shahirah, walk away*

Back to looking at Singapore's illuminated skyline

and boat rides at the bay. So beautiful. I just love the city life. 

Passersby were transfixed when they saw the Merlion light show.
When I saw it I instantly thought "Colours of My Life"! 


Unknown said…
ternganga mulut x leh tutup...sbb ohsem gile.
Reen Tart Nenas said…
teringgin nak pegi hoke :)
Ariena Hisham said…
InsyaAllah, saya yakin dan pasti suatu hari nanti saya akan memijakkan kaki saya kat sini! Aminnn! :)
Misha iCan said…
The pics are breath-taking..but I'm scared of heights, the pool is v scary, I can't see where it ends argh, just looking at the photo is giving me sweaty palms..

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fabulafricana said…
I absolutely love your blog sis,i follow it all the way from senegal west africa where I'm from, i found your blog inspiring, fresh, full of colors and it makes me want to be a better Muslimah

Yaye from
Jasmine Ali said…
I don't see the edge of the pool on top of the hotel. Where's the end?
anonymous said…
really nice photography mA! i've never seen a pool like that! too cool!!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Totally awesome but I would be totally freaked out in that pool too. The edge can be seen in the 4th picture. The 2nd-4th pictures weren't taken by me =)

And thank you Yaye! That means a lot to me. Sending out love from Malaysia.
Laila said…
MashaAllah, I would like to go there and spend only one nigh :) heehh. InshaAllah.
Iffah Izzati said…
welcome to singapore Shahirah! hope you enjoy your stay here! :)