Colourful Sunday with Dian Pelangi & Wardah

The Scarflets and I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the gorgeous Indonesian fashion designer, Dian Pelangi, and the founders of Wardah Beauty Cosmetics last weekend. I first knew Dian through HijabScarf and then Dian's blog, The Merchant Daughter. As a Malaysian, I have to admit Indonesians are very creative and naturally, Indonesian hijabis are very stylish. They're not afraid to be different, that's for sure! That's why I was stoked when I received a message from Ami Schaheera who co-ordinated the meet-up. I wasn't able to attend Dian's boutique opening on Saturday but I was more than happy to meet her and the Wardah team on Sunday. (You can read Shea's and Ami's posts about the boutique opening in Kuala Lumpur. Or check out Ami's Facebook album here. Plenty of browse-worthy pictures!)

Here's a little fun fact for you. Dian Pelangi translates to 'Dian Rainbow'. Pelangi is not her actual name but she was given that nickname because her parents have been in the tie-dye textile business for 20 years. And  tie-dye fabric is called 'kain pelangi' (rainbow fabric) in Indonesia. Didn't know that? Now you do ;) 

We were the first few to arrive Chinoz in KLCC. So we did what we do best: eat and take pictures. 

Yummy triplets. Their desserts, I mean. 
Fira, Shea and Lyna decided to try the creme brulee. 

with Jezmine, designer of Old Blossom Box 

My delicious Chinoz Cured Beef sandwich (I think that's what it's called)

Jezmine's pizza. Don't know what kind it is but it's lamb and I love the fact that pomegranates were sprinkled on top.

Yay! Everyone else arrived;

Finally... Dian Pelangi arrived with her husband, family and the Wardah team. 

Tall, gorgeous and sweet! That's Dian, mashaAllah.

With Dian and the friendly and lovely Wardah girls - Citra, Dara and Andin.
Ain't it cool how our outfits blend so well? 

Love this photo of us! (courtesy of Farah Mislina)

And that was our Sunday at Suria KLCC, the iconic Petronas Twin Towers mall. 

We all had a blast. Thank you Dian, family and the Wardah girls!
Do come and visit us again in Kuala Lumpur. 
I love KL. It has bits of everything. It's amazing.
I think I forgot how much I missed it when I was in New Zealand.
I'm so glad I'm here now. 


Asyik Izas said…
amazing people, amazing place,amazing food,amazing outfits and everything look perfect..:)
Aisha said…

that is all.

and you're all so damn pretty.

now that is all.

aaand i'm still jealous.

ok. bye.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you ladies xo

Ashi, I never thought I'd meet Dian Pelangi so you never know, she could be in your town someday! Or you could come visit us in South East Asia. Even better ;)
m a r i s s a said…
she's gorgeous isn't she..

btw, i've been your silent reader for quite sometime, baru ni la ade courage nak tinggalkan comment, anyway, i need more followers, jom la follow my blog! hehehe.. tq!!
wow, dian pelangi in the house yawww! all are beautiful indeed...seriously!! :D
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you for your comments Marissa and Farra!