Pretty Things Come in Small Packages

Ola readers! It’s so good to find the time to blog this weekend. The last two weeks have been crazy busy for me and last week was especially tough. I was working hard on an essay about Shi’a Muslims and because I chose a topic I barely knew anything about, the essay was quite a challenge! I was so happy when I finally finished and handed it in yesterday.

Today I slept in for the first time in two weeks. When I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast there was a parcel with my name on it waiting for me on the table.

It was the pair of earrings I had won from Saba Azam Jewellery when I entered a competition over at SSouq during Ramadan! It was such a lovely surprise and I couldn’t wait to see them with my own eyes. When I opened up the box what I saw truly made my day.

These earrings are so me! I love how they're elegant and dangly, and I adore the heart-shaped stones and not to mention the beautiful turquoise colour as well. I was also delighted with the professional packaging and the personal touch added by the designer. Saba wrote me a note on her company’s very own personalised postcard. How sweet and impressive is that? 

Thank you so much Saba Azam! You’ve made a sleep deprived and stressed out girl oh-so-over-the-moon today. I feel all warm and special now. To top it all off, I have always loved UK fashion finds because I personally think they look less generic so this is just perfect. And thank you to Amber from the Sisters Who Blog  network for coming up with Ssouq. I’m sure all the other winners are enjoying their prizes too.

I, for one, am so in love with my gorgeous brand new earrings.


Shahirah, I seriously love how you adorn your hijab. For a newbie (not that newbie anymore ey) you, I think you wear it sooooo much better than me! Could you do a tutorial when you're free? :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Love and Sugar: Hello shugaaa =P I've missed blogging and reading your awesome comments! Yeah, what is it with us? We love a good a challenge, that's what it is lol. I have 2 reports due and a test coming up. Busy, busy times. Oh well not long until it's all over baby! All the best with the rest of your assignments <3
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Iva: Aww thank you! Nothing hard or special about the way I wear it honestly. I will definitely do some tutorials just for you during my summer break =)
Mona Zenhom said…
Ooooh, pretty! Shiney!
Assalamualikum Shahirah! :D
Iive missed you! was wondering what you had disappeared to mann.

those earrings are gorgeous and you look so beautiful in blue, mashAllah.
hatim a.r said…
you can wear dead possums as earrings and still look beautiful lah sha
Fana Flora said…
congrats ;)
you have such a flawless skin. beautiful!
ashieBee said…
shaaaa :)) miss u! it's been a while since you last wrote here.

and hey, i like your hijab. so pretty. where did u get that eh?
Aisha said…
oww they're pretty!

and i am one of the many who have missed you! welcome back hun!!!! <3
Anonymous said…
MashAllah you look beautiful sister! Love your blog :)

Shahirah Elaiza said…
Love and Sugar: Oh..... my.... 10! That's insane! Allah m3aki sis, inshaAllah you will survive it all.

Mona Z: Thanks, I know!! I'm so happy I won them =D

Smiley: My sea of books, there's where I disappeared to. Sigh.. more assignments to come though. Hopefully I won't disappear for as long. Thanks for the sweet comment, love =)

Hatim: Your comment made me LOL first thing this morning. Thank you for the laugh. I don't think the possums would be too happy if they heard that though.

FanaFlora: Thank you! Flawless skin? Not really lol.

ashieBee: Yeah, I did a disappearing act for a while. Had too much work =/ I can't remember where I bought the hijab... maybe Bonita?

Ashi: Good to be back <3

Yasmin: Thanks, always nice to hear from a new reader. Welcome to my blog! =)
Leila said…
Salam :) Just recently discovered your blog, love it! And interesting choice of topic for your essay btw, me I'm a Shi'a Muslim myself ;) Take care sweetie and keep up your nice work!
Saba Azam said…
I am glad you liked the earrings. I hope it is alright with you if I use your image on my Facebook Page? If not then please do let me know :)

Take care!
Anonymous said…
Oh Shahirah these cuties are so perfect!Congratulation for winning them :).I'm sure you'll enjoy them very much.
It's so nice when a package comes in and there's something so girly inside.I'm always so excited when I order something per post and than I receive a box with some cosmetic in it...can't imagine how exciting it would be if I won something :)...
Compliments also for the look!
SWB Magazine said…
Bismillah Masha Allah, love the colour of the earrings, the hijab and again Bismillah Masha Allah you look beautiful :)
BundanyaHiroKun said…
love ure blog, cantik2 semua ;)
♥Soso♥ said…

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