Happy Birthday, Chloe Inga

It was around two years ago when I saw a young Kiwi girl in the sisters’ prayer area in the mosque. If I’m not mistaken we were the only two people there at the time. My first thoughts were, “Hmm, I wonder who she is? Should I say hello? She looks so young and innocent.”

I didn’t want to intrude so I left without saying anything but I made sure to smile at her before doing so. I saw her around campus and in town and eventually we were introduced to each other by a group of mutual friends. Slowly our friendship developed. I found out her name - Chloe - and my first thoughts were confirmed. She was only 18 years old! Chloe is quite shy but once you get to know her she’s lively and has a lot of funny and interesting things to say. I also found out that she had converted to Islam after doing some extensive research about the religion when a friend gave her some brochures about women in Islam.

Three years later, here we are.

Chloe is happily married, mashaAllah. She is also a talented artist who designs clothes and jewellery. At the moment, her main focus is on jewellery and she makes them so beautifully. (InshaAllah, there will be a Fashion Friday feature all about her jewellery and accessories coming in the near future)

Today, Chloe is celebrating her 21st birthday. I'm incredibly proud to say this beautiful, courageous and intelligent girl woman is one of my sisters in Islam. Don't believe all these praises I'm singing about her? Read her post about turning 21.

Happy birthday, dearest Chloe! 

Always remember to smile...

take chances and have some fun along the way! 

May He always bless you with iman, happiness and rizaq. You deserve it all. 


Aisha said…
happy birthday chloe!!! ah to be 21 again...have the best time insha'Allah!!

lov the last pic hehe ^_^
Chloe said…
naw Shah! I'm so touched - this is so sweet! :) thanks so much! xoxo
Shahirah...it really annoys me how beautiful you are! haha
Like your eye makeup, i dont think i could pull it off :)
hey just read there was an earthquake in nz. u alright?
Nore said…

heard abt the earthquake too. Hope u and others are doing fine.
RS said…
goodness. married at such a young age! but I find it fascinating when people get married young and keep their marriage strong and going. its very admirable!