I Love Me Some Countryside Fresh Air

Yesterday we drove out to the countryside to get some new flower plants for Spring time. It's quite a world of difference out there. The air is fresher and cleaner and life is simpler in the spiritual sense, at least. Although I've lived in New Zealand for almost 6 years I still get really excited and say "awwww" way too many times when I see lots of cute little lambs as we drive by farms in the rural areas. 

*munch munch* Hey huuuumans, whatchabaaa loookin' aaat? *munch munch*

"Awww.. lambs!!" (typical me)

A beautiful and dignified wattle tree

The flowers emit an amazing sweet and powdery scent

Pink rhododendrons (I know, quite a mouthful to say)


Chloe said…
so pretty! i love the nz landscape
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Smart CoOKie said…
Aww those lambs are so cute. I miss greens and trees. :(
liloo said…
Gorgeous pics, jzk for sharing this sweet moment :)
Mona Zenhom said…
Gorgeous photos, Shahira!
Feda said…
baaahhh...you got them to look at the camera that's so cute! Amazing pics girl, you got some photography skills!
Salamu Alaikom. Hi there ..
what a nice splendid post! I loved every bit of it ❤
I love the pictures .. seems to me u r into photography. I'm still a beginner at that field though.
and I love lambs too, and I like drawing them in a funny way :)
u have a great and a worm blog here, n I'm happy to be following such a persona :)
Aisha said…
awwww sheeeep!
Ayuni A. said…
awwww..those lambs esp the kids are so adorable.heheh.

happy eid mubarak to u!