Assalamualaykum & a big hello to everyone! I just arrived home from the KLIA airport around 2 hours ago. I should've been back at 1.30 P.M. but our flight in Jeddah was 2 hours delayed. I have so much to write about, omigosh, I think I may have to write several posts... some topics come to mind, such as hijab and niqab, nationalism and identity, the beauty of Islamic faith and even concepts that I'm still trying to grasp. Anyway this is just a little something to say that I'm back, I just had a shower and now I feel refreshed so I thought I'd come online for a little while. I missed you guys a lot! Thank you for leaving sweet messages on my Facebook and my blog. I really enjoyed my trip but I'm also really glad to be back home.

I'll blog more soon inshaAllah. Hope you guys had an awesome New Year's celebration! Can't wait to call my girlfriends and start reading everyone's blogs again.


May Allah accept your umrah iA!
& Welcome back sis!
I can't wait to read about the topics you mentioned and your experience.

Take care & happy 2010!
Maryam said…
Welcome back Shahirah!

Can't wait to read about your experience :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you Hispanic Muslimah and Maryam! It's great to be back =)