Remembering Ramadan: A Collection of Photographs from Around the World

Do you ever find yourself missing Ramadan during random moments throughout the year? When this happens to me I browse through International Ramadan Photography Competition's photo albums on Facebook. Isn't it amazing that we can have a glimpse of how Ramadan and Eid was celebrated around the world? 

Here are some of the photos that were submitted this year. I took the liberty of captioning them. Although these pictures can never replace actual experiences I hope you find inspiration in them, nonetheless. It is nice to be reminded that despite our differences we are one Ummah and we  are all seeking His love and forgiveness. 

Age is not a barrier to knowledge. (Sanaa, Yemen by Abdul Wahab Ahmed al-Banaa)

Allah listens to our every prayer even though we are like a grain of sand in the vastness of this universe. 
(New Mexico, by Lisa M Vogl)

Allah is always with us. There are signs of His presence in all His creations. (Multan, Pakistan by Arslan Bukhari)

Divine words at dusk.  (Morocco by Amine Bahdud)

I dream of having iftar at Al-Aqsa someday. (Jerusalem, Palestine by Salwa Ghuneim)

Every minute of Ramadan is precious. (Jakarta, Indonesia by Etha Ngabito)

Qul huwallahu Ahad. Say He is One.  (Edirne, Turkey by Bekir Dindar)

A prayer before iftar to express thanks for the things we often take for granted. (Beijing, China by Mario Bejagan Cardenas)

A virtuous woman represents hope, strength and sincerity. (Tripoli, Libya by Ibrahim El Mete)

Muslims without diversity is like life without colour. (Cape Town, South Africa by Nina Alexia Braze)

Happiness and innocence at Al Azhar Mosque. (Alexandria, Egypt by Moataz Mohamed Ali Elzeidy)

The hand that gives is better than the hand that takes. (Grand Mosque, Old Delhi by Sourav Karmakar)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Seek knowledge even as far as China." SubhanaAllah, how beautiful it is to see verses of the Quran in Chinese lettering. (Xi'an, China by Teffa Aouatef)

The prayer of the oppressed. (Indore, India by Amit K. Jaiswal)

The glorious Blue Mosque leaves everyone speechless. (Istanbul, Turkey by Lizl Sheridan)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) didn't teach women to be wallflowers but they can certainly appreciate the beauty of these flowers on the walls of Shaykh Zayed Mosque. (Abu Dhabi by Mario Bejagan Cardenas)

Tokyo Camii, a Turkish-inspired mosque. Now this is what you call international love. (Tokyo, Japan by Layali A.)

Prayer is a time to reflect on God's greatness. (Shaykh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi by Buddy Gadiano)

 Seek balance in life through worship and nature. (Putrajaya, Malaysia by Azri Suratmin)

"Hey guys, it's Eid already?" (Avcılar, Turkey by Bünyamin Salman)


The last picture brought smile to my face! :D
Farhana said…
Wow.. truly inspiring!
Farhana said…
Wow... Inspiring!