Style Sunday: Midnight Aladdin

Can you guess why I named this post 'Midnight Aladdin'? Why, it's inspired by these pants, of course! And I don't know why but I have a special affinity for vampy shades of berry as of late. From clothes to make up, I see a pattern in the colours I tend to buy these days.  

Modest and chic - these pants are a must-have for all women.

Bold lips courtesy of Rebel by MAC

Hope you had a good weekend! Malaysia has been very, very warm lately *melts* If the weather has been pleasant where you are, appreciate it.


R S said…
You're a very cantik lady, Sha. Inside and out. Hope you're blessed with a wonderful week ahead. May Allah Guide you in all your affairs, always.
Haneen Ibrahim said…
I like how you broke the dark colou
rs with a light one in your head scarf, I love this outfit, and the make up is spot on :)good choices.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Sarina, and so are you! Ameen for all of us :)

@Haneen, yay thank you! :)
Unknown said…
nice outfit sister.