Because Who is Perfect?: Accepting Imperfections & "Disability"

{source: Beautiful Decay}

What do you think of this advertisement campaign by Pro Infirmis

Personally, I think we see far too many images of "perfection" in the media. From billboard advertisements to television shows, the media seems to misrepresent reality and convey the message that anything less than "perfect" is somehow not normal and unacceptable. The only show I can think of that highlights "disabilities" or "disabled" people in a positive light is 'Switched at Birth'. 

The video features Miss Handicap 2010 Jasmin Rechsteiner, radio presenter and film critic Alex Oberholzer, track and field athlete Urs Kolly, blogger Nadja Schmid and actor Erwin Aljukic. I scrolled underneath the video on YouTube and loved this comment: "Because no one is a mannequin." However, I also saw comments by people who are not impressed and are quite critical of the short film. Perhaps they are against the romanticisation of the issue and when raising awareness about a marginalised group of people it's easy to get labelled as "privileged" (e.g. white privilege, heterosexual privilege, male privilege). How do we know when we have crossed the line? Either way, I think the campaign makes for a great a discussion. 

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