Style Sunday: Sweet Melon

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Okay guys, I'm well aware that it's not Sunday but that's how busy I've been.
These photos were taken on Sunday though so I'm not exactly cheating, right? ;) 

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I think "dusty" shades go very well with each other like this dusty green (teal) and pink combination which reminds me of watermelons. 

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I have a new favourite brand for hijabs. Soulendang.
I'm a big fan of Soulendang because of the high quality material of their hijabs and tasteful designs. 
I especially love their SoulLace collection.

And to top it off, the woman behind Soulendang is Dr. Husna Musa. She works in the emergency department, continuously organises activities for Young Muslims Project, volunteers in Gaza under Viva Palestina Malaysia AND runs a business. MashaAllah! Definitely someone I look up to. 


Chloe said…
Lovely as always, mashaAllah!
Laila said…
Beautiful MashaAllah :) I love the skirt of the first outfit, and the second one is really awesome!
Naqya Kamsan said…
I love dusty colours too. I'm crushing on your dusty teal.. :)
you look stunning in these colors!
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Noor said…
MashAllah pretty as always and I love these colors.