Sweet Like Candy: Ratu Adinda's Aqiqah Ceremony

Phewh! What a weekend it has been with wedding receptions and various invitations. After being out all day today I finally found time to update my blog. On Sunday, one of my closest friends, Ella, invited me to her niece's aqiqah and cukur jambul ceremony. If you've been reading my blog for a while you would have probably read my post about Nikky's wedding. Yup, she's a proud mama to 2 kids now! This aqiqah ceremony was held for her newborn daughter, Ratu Adinda. 

Sweet like candy: The theme was inspired by cotton candy. By the way, isn't she such a gorgeous mama?

The edibles: That's Ella being her usual self. She has a funny way of doing stuff. That's why we love her!

Beyond Biyan: Muna looking like the princess that she is in this simple yet glamorous Biyan ensemble. 

We found Cookie Monster: and he sings! When I'm with these girls there's no telling what I'll get up to.  Don't ask what we were doing in the kids playroom....  

Cotton candy colours: I love that the three of us were colour co-ordinated that day. Also love that this vintage clutch complemented my jalabiya like it was meant to be. 

After the aqiqah ceremony there was a wedding to attend. It really is wedding season in Malaysia at the moment with 2 - 3 weddings every weekend and what a great weekend it was! Alhamdulillah. And now I'm off to sleep after a long day out. It's almost midnight and I've gotta get up super duper early tomorrow. Hope you guys kicked those Monday blues on the butt today ;) 


Nai @ TPJ said…
Salam. Aqiqah has become as glamorous now as wedding ceremonies, which is awesome. Everything was spellbinding, dear, u're inclusive.
Feda said…
Gorgeous colors on you!! Love love love your abaya! Congrats to the mama of 2!
Hi, Im a new reader..Luv ur dress..so sweet:)
Anonymous said…
salam I'm your new reader, nice colour and outvit everything look beautiful :)

best regards from Indonesia
wow you guys know how to hold and dress for parties! makes me want to live in a Muslim country!!
kookaburra said…
may I know where did you get your jalabiya? Its simply gorgeous:)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Alhamdulillah it is a blessing to live in a Muslim country =) The dress is from Jakarta. They have the most beautiful abayas, jalabiyas and Muslimah attire there!
Anonymous said…
salam,Beautiful ceremonie. Held colourful and elegant.style pretty well done
i m a new reader and it's a great pleasure to discovert you along your personality.greting from france
Anonymous said…
it lokks really georgeus :)
Love it a lot and mashallah to all of you!
I love your Blog and its a blessing to have such blogs around.


Arya Stark said…
ur friend, d mother of two looks amazing for someone who just had baby no 2. i am still struggling to get pre baby figure... darn! btw for my son's aqiqah we had d same cradle maker... the wedding fairies =) nice kan their work?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
JazakAllah Khair Anon, Dulce and Dina. Yes, she looks great for a mother of 2 masha'Allah!