Stop Being So Negative and Suspicious!

A quick post to say 'Hello and have a great Monday!'
Get rid of negative feelings. Be positive. Stop judging people you don't know. Think positively of others.
If you can't do that, then approach the situation with positivity and leave the rest to God. 
Can't stay! Gotta go and get some work done ;) 


purplelurve said…
i was thinking of this in my mind just now. Great that u post it! :) total agree!
HijabRevival.. said…
Nina Johari said…
Thanks! happy monday!
Sarina said…
very very true. we all need to accept one another for our flaws, strengths and differences no matter HOW extreme. Allah loves those who love others! Judging others negatively in the end benefits no one. Makes us horrible and bitter people. :(