Featured in InTrend

Just a quick entry to say thank you to InTrend for featuring me in this month's issue! I was pleasantly surprised to hear the news from one of my besties, Vivy, who is also featured in the magazine this month, along with my hijabi friends Hana Tajima, Maria Elena and many others. Yay! I'll consider this as an early birthday present ;)

As I'm not in Malaysia my sister kindly scanned some pages for me and can I just say I love InTrend's hijabista theme for this month? My sister said it's a great issue with lots of cool and useful fashion tips for modest wear. I can't wait to see the rest of the magazine when I'm back in Malaysia. 

All you lucky people in Malaysia should grab a copy because I hear they're selling out fast! 


hatim a.r said…
ehem ehem well look who's got featured!hahahaha you actually deserve an entire page =)
Cik Puan Mimi said…
lucky you masuk mag :)
selamat hari raya anyway.
Elisa said…
Oh yay!! That's so wonderful :) Congrats beautiful Shah!! Wish I could read it though. LoL
Yunne Osman said…
am so proud of you, so proud of you, so proud of you!
Feda said…
amazing! congrats girl!!
Unknown said…
congratulations kak sha! :)
Aisha said…
woo wooo, this is awesome...you so deserve to be featured! x
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Hatim, lol, that's kind of you but I'm no Hana Tajima k? And I'm no Hatim Abdul Razak =P

Cik Puan Mimi, Selamat Hari Raya to you too =)

Elisa, thank you! It basically says I'm a blogger who is currently in the Southern Hemisphere but I've maintained my Islamic and Asian values (oh if only people know how long it took me to appreciate my Islamic and Asian values!). They like my style and people can read my blog to fill in their free time. Something along those lines. =D

Yunne, you are too generous with your kindness =) Thank you for always being positive.

Shukran Feda.

Cik Epal, oh thank you! Although my blog isn't as popular as yours!! =D

Ashi, it was a nice surprise, alhamdulillah. This blog has paved the way to all sorts of good things in my life - meeting awesome people, learning new things about myself - that's all I ever really wanted from blogging.
Great news! Wish we could get that in the UK
Amnah said…
I have this issue!! Haha, so random right? I got so excited when I saw it, because Lord knows I couldn't read it, lol. What does it say!?!?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you HHH! =)

Amnah, you are so full of surprises!