Faith Friday: Listen

I was having a conversation with Hana Tajima about her conversion to Islam when I said, 
"I love the Qur'an because it's always revealing itself."

What I meant by that is whenever I read the Holy Qur'an I always find something new that takes my breath
 away. I came across this verse last night and it hasn't been off my mind ever since. 

Just thinking about it makes me speechless.
It's so true.
How can we expect God to answer our prayers if we ourselves do not listen to Him?
"Let them also, with a will, listen to My call and believe in Me"
Does anyone else feel the power of these words by Allah? 

Is it just me?


Anonymous said…
Salam Ramadhan to you,Sha.

masyaallah i can feel how blessed that you mendapat hidayah.

its the same question that i ask myself-Is it just me?

coz i found the beauty in the recitation of muhammad taha al junayd and be able to memorize a few surahs by now.One of the surah i read everyday is Al-waqiah.

Xiet_Enigma said…
I do! MashaAllah, subhanAllah!
Anonymous said…
Subhanallah, it is quiet compelling.
Elisa said…
What a beautiful verse! It truly shows how much Allah loves us and wants us to be near to Him.
kistina said…
assalamualaikum, sis you are not alone ! i totally get u, i love my translation for the Quran, it is so so good to get references and explanations in the footnote. and Alhamdulillah, isnt it just amazing how one ayat in the Quran can somehow make echos in your head for the whole entire day, SubhanAllahwabihamdi.

are you in kl? because every sunday there would be a talk given by sheikh hussein yee, in kayu ara

have u heard of him? his a revert and mashaAllah, he is awesome, most sundays the class is packed, so be sure to come on time.
Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said…
Ramadan kareem.

Beautiful post. It's too true. Every time I read the Qur'an I learn something new. My faith increases.
R S said…
it's definitely not just you. I understand what you mean. The Quran takes my breathe away each time and I hope it continues to do the same throughout my life. =)

-Risk of Rain