SHAELAIZA GALLERIA UPDATE: Get 20% discount and donate to Carefugees

I'm wearing the ravishing red Adinda blouse from ShaElaiza Galleria

Hello, hello June and Sha'aban! Phewh, you sure know how to make us busy. For Malaysians, the month of June means there will be weddings held every weekend, especially when Ramadan is just around the corner and it also means the month of Sha'aban has arrived, alhamdulillah. To welcome this auspicious time of the year has decided to give a 20% discount storewide from 7th to 9th of June 2014.

And that's not all. When I found out about Carefugees' awesome project a thought crossed my mind. Hey, why not pledge 10% of our sales towards Carefugees' "Feed a Family" campaign until the end of Ramadan? If you haven't heard about Carefugees, the gist of what they do is support Malaysian-based refugee communities from countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Syria. The "Feed a Family" campaign aims to provide food for our refugee brothers and sisters during Ramadan.

"Allah (subhanahu wa taala) boasts to His angels about a generous person who feeds others."  Imam al- Ghazali (may Allah be pleased with him)

Feeding the hungry is a virtuous deed in Islam regardless if they are rich or poor, so imagine the reward of helping to provide food to those in need, especially during Ramadan:

Whoever offers meal to his/her Muslim brother/sister at the time of iftar (the meal eaten by Muslims breaking their fast after sunset during the month of Ramadan), s/he receives as much reward as s/he has earned. Nothing becomes less of the reward of those s/he offered meal to. (TirmidhĂ®, Sawm: 82; Ibn-i Majah, Siyam: 40)

I have personally worked with some of the individuals involved in Carefugees so I can vouch for their dedication towards this wonderful cause.  You can donate directly to Carefugees and/or you can shop from  Either way, inshaAllah (God willing) your good intentions will be accepted. They also recruiting delivery volunteers so if you have any qualms or enquiries please don't hesitate to contact Azra (016 2094500) or Sadaf (012 22263610).

I'm wearing the ravishing red Adinda blouse from ShaElaiza Galleria