Millionaire Gives it All Up for Islam

This is a unique story about a man's journey to Islam. I found this video today when a friend asked me to suggest videos and books for her friend who is interested in learning about Islam. Each story of conversion (or reversion, if you prefer) is different but they all illustrate how merciful God is towards His creations in different ways. Conversion stories also have the power to make us realise how we easily take His guidance for granted.

"...Allah guides whom He wills [He guides those who will to be guided]..." {14:4}

"And those who strive for Us - We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good." {29:69}

Excerpts from Brother Ishaq's video:

"I used to like tattoos a lot and on my head I tattooed "Get Money" but... I see young Muslims... I realise they have the same tattoo that I have but not on their head. They have it on their heart. They want to compromise their Islam for money. That gets me really sad... they don't know the value of what they really have. Because Islam gives me happiness. All the things I had in my life, all the money, the girls, the house, the condo... that life never gave me happiness that I have today. A happiness that lasts."

"[A message for] For non-Muslims... I never thought I would be a Muslim. Never. What you see in the media is not the real thing. If you want to learn something open a book. And even if you're not interested about changing your religion or getting a religion, at least read it [Islamic books] for education.... Don't look at what Muslims are doing because we're human beings and we all do mistakes. There's only one Muslim, the Prophet [Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him], who really lived what the religion teaches."

I think many young people can relate to Brother Ishaq. That's the beauty of his story. From juvenile detention to Jaguars to Jannah (Paradise), inshaAllah. May Allah (swt) guide him and keep him steadfast in his faith.


Zatil Aqmar said…
Sha, thank you for sharing this <3 so inspiring.
nayzaharyfaz said…
Allahuakbar.. I always adore the inputs you have in every post, and the way you write. very inspiring. thank you :)
Unknown said…
Beautiful :)
Sister can i know how you editing your blog title? It's amazing!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
JazakumAllahu khairan ladies :)

@Farwa, the background is a photo of colourful lanterns. I Photoshopped it by tracing the words onto the photo and voila!