Style Sunday: Femme en Fuchsia

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I think it's fair to say 2012 was the year of weddings. Well that's how it felt for me, at least! It really seemed like most of my friends chose the year 2012 to get married and the year 2013 to have babies :) It feels very surreal... but hey, more weddings meant more reasons to get dressed up!

For Nona's wedding reception in December 2012 I wore a fuchsia evening dress I had designed myself. It's a very simple dress but because of its attention-grabbing colour I only wear it to formal events. 

Femme en fuchsia (woman in fuchsia)

For my hijab I wore Ami Schaheera's Dubai Silk scarf and layered it with an Italian square scarf.

I know I haven't been the best at updating my blog this year but photos from the wedding receptions are coming up soon. I promise you'll be amazed! Until then I hope you guys had a relaxing weekend and that you'll have a great week ahead. 


Nai @ TPJ said...

Gaya. Mutu. Keunggulan. Simply superb!

Sarina said...

You've such a wonderful glow to your face. Probably because you're such a lovely person! :)

Nor Hanis said...

you look beautiful in that outfit

fifi said...

hi sha,

wanted to ask u about the braces u wore.. i've ask u before whether u had any tooth extraction or not, and u said no...

so in my case, i went to the dentist and had my checkup, so according to him, i can do braces without tooth extraction, but i might be a bit 'jongang' if i dun do that..

so how was yours,and how was the teeeh it fast..

aishah amin said...

so pretty as always masyaAllah! xx

Anonymous said...

salam alaykoum shahirah
j'aime ta robe ,elle est belle. the veil gives a special touch to this outfit.I think all is not to wear beautiful things, but to wear it with class.And you do it so well.
You combines elegance and simplicity
Hope to see other photos that waits patiently
zeinab ,france

~ Awa Gof ~ said...

wahhh sis.. cantik sangat. :)
bile la nk dress up cantik2 ni :')

LaiLa said...

Beautiful colour!

Naqiah said...

Looking so sweet!