Advice to Women by Malcolm X


Although the video of the press conference that was held after his Hajj pilgrimage does not address women I just had to share it. He always spoke with great eloquence, wisdom and conviction. The late Malcolm X will always be a true inspiration to men and women alike, Muslim and non-Muslim. May God bless his soul and reward him with Paradise.


Haneen Ibrahim said…
Thank you very much, my eyes are in tears, Malcolm X was a wonderful man and a brave Muslim in the times of fear, he was blessed with intelligence and was a great speaker, what he said in the first video about women still hits home today, may Allah grant him Paradise and have mercy upon him.
My Great Escape said…
His truly an inspiration to all. May Allah (swt) grant him Jannah and Forgive his sins. Ameen.
Anonymous said…
Malcolm X was truly a superb speaker. Any message of his is usually captivating. Have you read his autobiography yet?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Haneen @My Great Escape, ameen ameen :)

@Anon, no, but I really should add it to my already long list of books to read. InshaAllah I'll read it soon :)
Thank you for sharing kak shaelaiza. :) such an eye opener. reading is essential in our life to be a better person.