A Box of Love from England

I believe one of the best things about being a blogger is "meeting" like-minded fellow bloggers and readers whom I would probably never meet if it weren't for my blog. My blogger friend, Ashi,  is one of those people to me. I often tell her that if we knew each other in "real life" we would be best friends. You know, hanging out and sipping chai all the time. We had this uncanny connection from the get-go.  She's kind, humble, sincere, funny and smart. Plus, I'm pretty sure she has a cool British accent. Who wouldn't want a best friend like her? While I was away in Korea she went through all the trouble to send me this parcel and I was overjoyed to receive it when I returned from my trip. I love snail mail! 

Wanna find out what's in this candy cane reminiscent parcel?

A beaded floral jewellery box filled with gifts and Thorntons chocolates! If I were to package Ashi's sweetness it would probably look a little like this.

A card with a lovely message.

Ashi went above and beyond with these necklaces and rings. I love them so much!
Ashi, you're either really good at telling what I like or you have great taste. I say... both! ;)

As much as I love the chocolates and the above accessories, my favourite gifts are of course from Roshni

What's Roshni, you ask? Roshni means 'light' in Persian and Bengali. It's also Ashi's very own etsy shop (masha Allah).

Roshni custom-made handmade notebooks

Roshni custom-made peacock feather necklace. The chain is very long so it's perfect for hijabis.

Roshni custom-made Bollywood style thread bangles

Roshni Aisha Jade Lace Drops necklace

All the beautiful custom-made items in this post are not available in the etsy shop (yet... I hope!) but I think Roshni is awesome because not only are the products super pretty, they're also reasonably priced. I can see Ashi takes custom-made orders as well. She's really creative, right? Well, I think you ought to know she's also a Law graduate. The perfect woman, much? *sigh*

I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. I always receive the sweetest presents from my blogger friends but the best and most meaningful gift of all is their friendship, for sure. Alhamdulillah. 

Thank you, Ashi, for bringing 'roshni' in my life.

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. ~ Khalil Gibran 

(I couldn't wait to use the notebook!)


Ikhlas said…
Aww that is super cute! I've seen Aisha's stuff, and mashAllah, she seems super talented! What a lovely box of goodies to come home to :)
Feda said…
beautiful beautiful gifts! and beautiful pictures of the gifts!
Nurul Izzaty said…
Amazing gifts, Sha! I love the pretty box the most! And the notebook! :)
Noor Of My Life said…
Aaahhh I also read her blog and follow Ashi on Instagram and she really is very sweet and so talented and we have a like minded obsession with notebooks haha, love your blog aswell think you blog was on of the first blogs I csme across, though you dont post as much these days. I do understand as life gets in the way anywho its all the more enjoyable when you do post.
aishah amin said…
MashaAllah! everything looks so beautiful and yummy yumm! :D
Magz and Mez said…
Aw so sweet!

mashaAllah the gifts and the box is so beautiful. Love it! :D