Recipe for Success from the Qur'an by Fatih Seferagić

While checking my Facebook last night I noticed one of my blog readers shared a video of this young man leading the Ramadhan taraweeh prayers and it caught my attention because she wrote that he is only 17 years old. Yes, Fatih Seferagić is a teenage hafiz (a person who has memorised the entire Qur'an) from Texas and he recites beautifully, mashaa Allah. I also watched the above video of him giving a lecture at a Muslim basketball tournament and felt really proud to have a young Muslim brother like him. Here he is helping his peers by educating them about Islam. How many young people can speak like this at the age of 17? It's clear that people who dedicate themselves to learning (recitation and interpretation) the Qur'an and are sincere in embodying and conveying the message of Islam are blessed with a special kind of eloquence and confidence. I hope to have children like him someday, inshaa Allah.

Below are some points from the lecture which I hope will encourage you to watch the video in its entirety, inshaa Allah.

"Be respectful of your solah (prayer)." You must submit completely to Allah swt before you can worship properly and do good unto others. {Surah Al Haj:}

"You cannot see yourself in a dirty mirror." Before you can improve yourself you must first be able to see your flaws and weaknesses. This can only happen when the mind and heart are not filled with impurity and things that do not benefit you. {Surah Mu'minoon:}

"Allah wants your tawbah (repentance)." Allah swt wants us to return to Him but He also knows change does not happen overnight and that we will be tempted by the people who follow their desires. Therefore we must turn to Him for guidance. {Surah An Nisa':} {Surah Yusuf:}

Fatih teaches Qur'an over Skype and for those living in Houston. Please check out his Facebook page for more details.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!


Wan Melissa said…
Knowledge indeed elevates a person as we can see with this brother who is not only blessed with confidence and eloquence but also a maturity that is beyond his years. MashaAllah! May he go on to become a great Muslim scholar some day.
Laila said…
MashaAllah the lecture looks like its going to be great, as now I am in my aunts house I will watch it later, but for sure I will InshaAllah.
Thanks for sharing :)
Menna said…
Aw Mashallah this is amazing! I'm going to share this on my blog too inshallah :)
Anonymous said…
masha Allah..something good to be shared with..thanks sis shea..i played his Quran recitation to my mom and my mom said what a beautiful recitation!he's tajweed and pronunciation similar with arabic imaam..may Allah bless sha Allah :)
aishah amin said…
my internet connection is so slow the video doesn't even appear;( my younger brother Abu Bakar is a hafeez al-quran at the age of 13(MasyaAllah & Alhamdulillah)and his knowledge of Islam is much much wider than shows that the Quran does play an essential role in our lives and also our understanding of Islam..sometimes i feel ashamed that as an elder sister, I still don't know a lot of things, if compared to my brother..but I try to learn from him, eventhough he's younger than me. and i pray that i will have a son like him too one day, iA..
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Aishah, he became a hafiz at the age of 13? Mashaa Allah! Oh I understand exactly how you feel but I remember what Imam Suhaib Webb once said, "Even if it takes you your whole life to memorise the Qur'an it's okay, at least when you face Allah swt one day and He asks you what did you do with your life, you can say that you studied the Qur'an all your life." So true!
Such a great post, Allah will bless you for guiding us from your thoughts.