I hate pulling all-nighters because of assignments. First of all, computer labs are freezing once it's past midnight. Secondly, I always end up alone and freezing. Thirdly, I can't sleep during the day so when I stay up all night I usually have to wait until it's night time before I can sleep so that means I'll be awake for 24 hours.

But this video totally made my night and suddenly all-nighters don't seem so bad after all.


Mona Zenhom said…
OMG Fousytube is so funny. I love the drive thru one.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Totally! I love he depicts his family to be the typical yet not stereotypical Arab family lol.
Lol I loooove Fouseytube ♡ His link is circulated in tumblr and I could not stop lauuuughing :)
Arweelo said…
lol,his videos always makes me laugh!And even though I'm not middle eastern I can totally relate to the things that his parents do!