Look what I found sunbathing in my backyard this morning?

A hedgehog!

It kinda looks like a Kiwi bird and it's sleeping peacefully like a baby. Too adorable.

P.S. Less than two weeks until my exams are over. Wish me luck!


Aisha said…
awwww, it looks so adorable just sitting there. hedgehogs are such mysteries to me lol
Stephanie said…
wow he let you get so close.
RS said…
awww cuuute!
ashieBee said…
too cute!!! hehehe
and good luck with your exams!**hugs**
Anonymous said…
LOL! sooooo cute! good luck with your exams hun! xoxo
awww <3 soo cutee!! :) PS all the best in your exams
Anonymous said…
Oh if that's not cute :)!
Also good luck with your exams :)!
Mona Zenhom said…
That's so cute! I'd be freaking out so excited.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ashi, my own little Sonic the hedgehog =P Yes they are quite mysterious. I see a few in our garden only around this time of the year when it's getting warmer.

Stephanie, this is the first time a hedgehog hasn't curled up on me. Managed to get a good shot =D

RS, it was so cute just sleeping there. It flinched a few times when it heard the sound of my camera but then went back to sleep.

ashieBee, thank you!*hugs*

aimie, lil Z would've screaaamed if he saw it haha. Thanks =)

L&S, how on Earth did you get 10 exams?! So glad you're more than halfway through! All the best hun and thank you for the du'a.

hijabie hippie hypo, thank youuu.. I can't wait to finish them once and for all =)

Jasmina, I felt like picking him up but that probably wouldn't have been a good idea. He's really prickly! Thank you for the good luck wish.

Mona, yeah I got excited and ran back into the house to get my camera lol.
So adorable! I love how they curl up into a ball.
Break a leg with your exams! :)
Smart CoOKie said…
Cute. Good luck :)
BuLaN said…
i miss "meeting" hedgehogs. yes, found them many times near my flat in forth street. those were the days :(
zahra said…
TOO CUTE! i didnt know NZ had hedgehogs? just another reason to go there!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thanks Smiley and Smart Cookie!

BuLan, Forth Street? Former Dunedin student ey? =)

Zahra, yeah they look soo much like Kiwi birds from the back, don't you reckon! lol You will love NZ! Definitely visit us someday.