Fashion Friday: Hearts Affluttering

Exciting news:
Off to watch 'Eat, Pray, Love' with my girls tonight
A-line skirts and maxi dresses are in stores again

Good news:
Had my last lecture for the year yesterday
Got an A+ for the essay I wrote about Shia Arabs
(A pleasant surprise! I seriously thought I was going to flunk it)

Anxiety-inducing news:
My first exam is on Wednesday next week

Do you have any news to share?
Have an awesome weekend everyone!



Yunne Osman said…
ماشاء الله

nice! as always!
BundanyaHiroKun said…
lovely :)
Zatil Aqmar said…
omg i love the necklace youre wearing!
and congrats on the A+ :)
Anonymous said…
Cute my sweet girl :)!
I also like very much the nail polish.
And congratulation for your essey.Good job :)!
Take care :)!
You look gorgeous Shahirah!
Congrats on the A mann, well done! (Y)
rose said…
love the top, with the heart print and scallop hem
Mona Zenhom said…
Adorable! :)
ashieBee said…
news to share?
hmmm im starting work this coming monday!!! wish me luck :)

hope all is well with you...u havent write for quite a while!! miss u.

Aisha said…
i 'heart' this look..cant go wrong with black!

congrats on the A+ and all the best with the exam!

news: i am slowly, but surely, drowning in a sea of everything and anything english law related =(
supersepet© said…
gojes! am so jeles lah!;p
Congrats on the A! I like the pink nail polish :)
love it :) congrats on the grade, mashaAllah. how was the film? I heard it's rubbish!
E. Studnicka said…
Beautiful! I love the second picture, it's sort of impishly regal.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Yunne: Thank you sis!

TheAngelWearHijab: Thanks =)

Zatil: Yeah the necklace is edgy and versatile. Loves it!

Jasmina: The nail polish is named - Fuschia Bling Bling ;)

Smiley: Aww Smiley, you always say the most positive things on my blog. Thank you *hugs*

Chloe: Thanks, can you tell I'm a very girly girl? lol

Mona: Shukran <3

ashieBee: Oooh good luck with work! Tell me how it goes ;) Yeah I don't manage my blog very well when I assignments and exams are due.

Ashi: I <3 you! Ohhh I know that drowning feeling oh too well ... you'll get through it, I know you will. Just keep your eyes on the prize!

ellfazira: Heyy nothing to be jealous of. You're beautiful yourself =)

Hispanic Muslimah: Thanks! I was talking to a lady at a shoe store and suddenly she got distracted and said, "Oooh I like your nail polish!"

hijabi hippie hypo: I actually liked the movie lol but I know it received mixed reviews. Well the book is really popular and as always, the book version is better (so I heard) but the movie wasn't as bad as some people said. I'll post a review of it one day!

The militant working boy: Impishly regal? Well that's a new one! lol thanks

Love and Sugar: Hun, I wish I was a genius so I don't have to work my butt off like I do. But alhamdulillah, I was pleasantly surprised with this particular essay grade cos I wasn't expecting much.
wa said…
lovely outfit! wish to wear them after my maternity.. hehe.. err.. how did u do ur wudhu' while wearing the nail polish?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
wa: I wear nail polish when I'm not able to pray =) It's my way of spoiling myself lol
Hijabs and Co said…
lovelly mashallah
Aprilian said…
MasyaAllah you look gorgeous, and like ur long maxi :)