Fashion Friday: Hearts Affluttering

Exciting news:
Off to watch 'Eat, Pray, Love' with my girls tonight
A-line skirts and maxi dresses are in stores again

Good news:
Had my last lecture for the year yesterday
Got an A+ for the essay I wrote about Shia Arabs
(A pleasant surprise! I seriously thought I was going to flunk it)

Anxiety-inducing news:
My first exam is on Wednesday next week

Do you have any news to share?
Have an awesome weekend everyone!



Yunne Osman said…
ماشاء الله

nice! as always!
Zatil Aqmar said…
omg i love the necklace youre wearing!
and congrats on the A+ :)
Anonymous said…
Cute my sweet girl :)!
I also like very much the nail polish.
And congratulation for your essey.Good job :)!
Take care :)!
You look gorgeous Shahirah!
Congrats on the A mann, well done! (Y)
chloe said…
love the top, with the heart print and scallop hem
Mona Z said…
Adorable! :)
ashieBee said…
news to share?
hmmm im starting work this coming monday!!! wish me luck :)

hope all is well with you...u havent write for quite a while!! miss u.

Ashi said…
i 'heart' this look..cant go wrong with black!

congrats on the A+ and all the best with the exam!

news: i am slowly, but surely, drowning in a sea of everything and anything english law related =(
ellfazira© said…
gojes! am so jeles lah!;p
Congrats on the A! I like the pink nail polish :)
love it :) congrats on the grade, mashaAllah. how was the film? I heard it's rubbish!
Beautiful! I love the second picture, it's sort of impishly regal.
Love and Sugar said…
Sha! You're a genius :D Well done on the A+! MashaAllah all the best for your exam, I know you will do well. You are a "proud duck" after all! ehhe Have faith. ;)

Shahirah Elaiza said…
Yunne: Thank you sis!

TheAngelWearHijab: Thanks =)

Zatil: Yeah the necklace is edgy and versatile. Loves it!

Jasmina: The nail polish is named - Fuschia Bling Bling ;)

Smiley: Aww Smiley, you always say the most positive things on my blog. Thank you *hugs*

Chloe: Thanks, can you tell I'm a very girly girl? lol

Mona: Shukran <3

ashieBee: Oooh good luck with work! Tell me how it goes ;) Yeah I don't manage my blog very well when I assignments and exams are due.

Ashi: I <3 you! Ohhh I know that drowning feeling oh too well ... you'll get through it, I know you will. Just keep your eyes on the prize!

ellfazira: Heyy nothing to be jealous of. You're beautiful yourself =)

Hispanic Muslimah: Thanks! I was talking to a lady at a shoe store and suddenly she got distracted and said, "Oooh I like your nail polish!"

hijabi hippie hypo: I actually liked the movie lol but I know it received mixed reviews. Well the book is really popular and as always, the book version is better (so I heard) but the movie wasn't as bad as some people said. I'll post a review of it one day!

The militant working boy: Impishly regal? Well that's a new one! lol thanks

Love and Sugar: Hun, I wish I was a genius so I don't have to work my butt off like I do. But alhamdulillah, I was pleasantly surprised with this particular essay grade cos I wasn't expecting much.
wa said…
lovely outfit! wish to wear them after my maternity.. hehe.. err.. how did u do ur wudhu' while wearing the nail polish?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
wa: I wear nail polish when I'm not able to pray =) It's my way of spoiling myself lol
lovelly mashallah
Aprilian said…
MasyaAllah you look gorgeous, and like ur long maxi :)