Malacca's Mystical Mosque

I'm always on the road lately and one of the cities I frequently visit is Malacca or Melaka. It is a popular tourist destination due to its historical significance. One of my favourite mosques to visit over there is a mosque called Masjid Kampung Kling or Indian Village Mosque. Situated in the heart of Malacca city centre and surrounded by charming traditional buildings, this mosque is often visited by tourists from all over the world. If you ever come to Malaysia or Malacca specifically you must drop by and discover what makes this mosque special.

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The original structure of the mosque was built in 1748 and the exterior design was mainly modelled after the Chinese pagoda. At the same time, it also has a touch of Sumatran and Malaysian architectural inspiration, particularly the carvings that are seen on the ceiling and arches of the mosque.

The ablution fountain

I was drawn to the small details. I love the way traditional buildings make me feel; as if I'm transported back into a time when people lead a simpler and more wholesome lifestyle.

When I go to a mosque I prefer to wear an abaya or jilbab like these ones I got from Sal Design.

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The Sweet Basil in navy is perfect for women who prefer dark colours but would like to change it up a bit.

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The Japanese-inspired Kimono Twilight in brown is one of my favourites because I can match it with almost any hijab.

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This plum Syrian hijab was love at first sight! I bought it from Noor Boutique in Malacca. 
It's super comfy and affordable too. I think it was only RM 39.

Remember how I said that heaps of tourists stop by the Kampung Kling Mosque? Well, I made a new friend! This is Amira and when I saw her praying with us I had a feeling she wasn't a local so I asked her where she was from. It turns out she's from South California and you know much I adore Californians! It was her first day in Malacca and we took her out to have the best naan and tandoori in Malaysia at Pak Putra Restaurant. 

I love Malacca. It's a very blessed city and I love this mosque because it's unique. Although it's old and not very big there's a lot of noor (light) emanating from it, mashaAllah. One could say it's quite mystical.

I hope to write more blog posts this week as I've really missed blogging. Until then, take care and Assalamualaykum (peace be upon you). 


washi said…
My paternal ancestor was exiled to Cape Town from Malacca, and obviously, that is top of bucket-list of places to visit one day inshaAllah. Your post made me want to book a ticket and just go out there. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos :)
SuperSummer said…
I plan on visitng Malacca soon - any other tips??
Laila said…
Beautiful mosque MashaAllah :) and I really like the black abaya!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@SuperSummer, here's a list:

Personally, I love Jonker Street on the weekends, the Dutch Square and going to the museums (although it can be pretty hot). I've been told it's best to take the Malacca River boat ride at night :)