Style Sunday: Liquorice

Been travelling, again! Hence, the hiatus from blogging. 
Here are some pictures from Auckland city.

Elliot Stables, Queen Street


Elisa said…
What can I say? Lovely, as always! Masha'Allah <3
Zatil Aqmar said…
oof i love the last pic! are you somewhere in Italy?!
Anonymous said…
A real lady :)!!!
The first picture with the red flowers is so magic.
truth said…
Eid Mubarak and Salaam,
About the second photo
1) Aesthetic
2) Beautiful
2) Artistic
4) Vibrant
5) Lovely
6) Eye catching
7) Perfect (ion)
8) Serene
9) Gracefulness
10) Your photogenic
-this photo is combination of all above-
THE PHOTOGAPHER (if not self timer of your own camera)
It is one of the wonderful photos I ever have seen in my life.
Suraya & Story said…
nice photo,nice person :D
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Fairuz, I always thought I had a Chinese look anyway. My Mum says it all the time. lol They're plastic flowers hun =)

Elisa, thank you for always being so sweet mashaAllah.

Zatil, LOL, I WISH! I was in Auckland.

Jasmina, I loooove the black and red combination of colours =)

truth, oh wow, uhm, thanks? lol. My friend took these pictures of me. Credit goes to the photographer, that's for sure!

Thank you Suraya
Hijabs and Co said…
w0o0ow, you looks very chic dear ;)
Misz J said…
U have always inspired me... sweet u...