Great Expectations Can Lead to Great Disappointments

Have you ever wanted something for so long and then when you finally get it it's not as great as you hoped it would be?


Mum drove for almost 50 minutes to go to the famous Satay Kajang Haji Samuri Restaurant in Kajang and it was a major disappointment. Firstly, they didn't have any rabbit nor deer meat. I've tried rabbit meat before and it was really delicious (okay I know some animal lovers may hate me for this... rabbits are adorable but they're totally halal, edible, tender and did I mention delicious?). Plus I heard deer meat is worth trying as well so I was all excited but soon found out that all they had was chicken, beef and tripe. WHAT?! I could've had that in SS19, Subang Jaya and be equally satisfied. Secondly, the quality of the satay has dropped so much that I am seriously considering writing to the manager. The meat was tasteless and dull. The portions were also reduced. We also had the ABC for dessert and that was also an utter mess. To top it all off, as we exited the restaurant area we realised we had to pay RM 1 for the parking. I don't recall having to do that before. And to think I was craving the used-to be amazing Satay Kajang for almost a year.... I guess I shouldn't be complaining about food, it is still rezeki and I should be thankful (to a certain extent I suppose) but it was majorly disappointing nevertheless.

So I came home feeling pissed off that someone would even think of serving such food to people, especially when the company has such a reputable brand, and then my brother told us some extremely bad news about one of our closest family friends... actually scratch that, they are our family. I was shocked, dumbfounded, speechless, sad and confused all in one. I've experienced it with my own family and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone else. Losing a parent is devastating. It feels like your whole world ceases but also begins to make sense at the same time. How I wish I could change things and make it all go away... I just never saw this coming at all, not in a million years.

What a day....